3D Backpack Assembly

3D Backpack Assembly

A quick and easy assembly tutorial for these cute 3D paper lunchboxes!


  • -White matte photo paper ( we use Canon Matte Photo Paper) or cardstock (45lb, 65lb or 80lb)
  • -Extra stong glue stick, glue pen or double sided tape


Step1:  Gently bend creases inward along the perforated edges. Apply glue or glue tape to the three bottom tabs and along the side tab. Close up the bottom of the bag.
Step2:  Apply glue to the tabs along the front side. Tuck these tabs in the form the front of the bag. Fold the small black pull tab in three as shown. Apply a small amount of glue to the back and attach it to the back inside of the bag.
Step3:  Apply glue to the tab on the bag cover and attach it to the inside back of the bag. Apply glue to the white area on both the straps. Bend the straps and attach them to the back of the bag.
Step4:  Once you're done you can add goodies and close up the front by inserting the front straps into the small slits at the front of the bag. Thanks for following along with us! Happy Crafting :)